Grid of LED halo modules

Supported by the BC Film + Media Interactive Fund, and created with Travis Kirton, Halo is a new, large-scale interactive media-art installation that will make its first appearance at Eyeo 2013. The sculptural component is 16' x 8' and features a wall of 72 RGB LED 'Halo' rings.

Halo was conceived entirely with open collaboration in mind. It's a physical opportunity for anyone to create content: light, colour, audio, animation. Cortex, Tangible's control application for Halo has an API so Eyeo attendees can get creative using whatever platform they prefer to work with: Processing, Open Frameworks, Flash, Cinder, Max etc.

Requirements: This informal experimentation space is open to creative developers of all stripes; expert coding skills are not required. Participants will need a laptop with their chosen development environment installed. Tangible will provide the necessary electronics/hardware to tie-into Halo using OSC.

Funded by:
BC Film + Media Interactive Fund