Light Beat

two side by side mitotic pink balls over a dark backdrop

Illuminate Yaletown is Vancouver’s annual, outdoor light-as-art show. Taking place on a single winter night in the Yaletown heritage district, the festival is an opportunity for local artists and architects to showcase new and existing works for their city.

The inaugural festival took place in 2009 with more than 20,000 people exploring the installations.

Tangible showed Light Beat, a street level interactive artwork. The premise is straight forward: see your body living through light. To take part, the public were encouraged to simply place their index finger on a plinth mounted ball containing a sensor.

Two ‘Telophase’ inflatables with Tangible Pixels – LED light cubes – inside, pulsed in real time, generating random colours as they tracked participant’s heart rate.

The result is a simple and beautiful installation that anybody, young or old, could interact with and enjoy.

The installation ran entirely from an Arduino, wirelessly connected to the Tangible Pixels inside the Telophase.