Tangible Interaction

Tangible has always been fascinated with low resolution LED modules. The matrix and the light they emit is impressive but sadly they're most often used as signage, which is a shame.

We set out to remedy that with Lucia, a sound reactive, matrix light device that produces generative, real time visuals.

The aim of the Lucia project was to produce something beautiful – the direct opposite of what we’ve come to expect from low resolution LED displays. We wanted it to create an atmosphere all on it’s own, installed in a gallery space, a lobby or in homes. Perhaps Lucia could even replace the TV?

A standing column, Lucia is sized approximately 1.2m x 0.2m. It reacts to sound, creating generative light patterns. Any audio device, even an instrument can be directly connected using a regular jack. Lucia analyzes the sound data from those devices in real time and then outputs animations that visualize the music.

In the future, the next iteration of Lucia might also respond to presence or light. A simple menu interface, controlled using a rotary encoder knob, allows the brightness to be changed and patterns selected. To update Lucia, new generative patterns or fixed animations can also be programmed and uploaded.

A series of rows of LED Lights lit up in a multicoloured pattern

A shot of Tangible Interaction's Lucia prototype

Alex Beim standing beside a glowing, standing column

A shot of Alex Beim testing out Tangible Interaction's Lucia prototype

A series of rows of LED Lights lit up in a multicoloured pattern

Another shot of Tangible Interaction's Lucia prototype