Touch the skyline with your hands

girl touching a replica of science world vancouver skyline at night


OH! is an interactive installation that lets you affect Vancouver’s night skyline with your very own hands. As you move around our small model of Science World, you can alter the lights on the iconic building in real time. Throughout
the month of August, OH! will be set up on the sea wall in Olympic Village
(see schedule right) for anyone to come try out. We’ll be on-site to show people
how it works and also to explain how we created it.


Covered by 240 LEDs and sensors, the small version of the dome can sense movements at each of its light points. By moving your hands around the 1:60 model of Science World, you can control the lights on the actual dome and create your own patterns and animations for the rest of the city to see.


For years, we’ve had the idea of turning Science World into a gigantic interactive public art piece. We loved the idea of creating an experience
for anyone who interacts with the installation, but also for the city as a whole.
With funding from Creative BC and the support of Science World, we were finally able to make this dream a reality and bring OH! to life. In all of our art installations, we love bringing an element of surprise to people by giving them something unexpected — something that brings them back to the present.
OH! was created to do exactly that.

Girl with OH! pointing at Science World in Olympic Village

OH! takes something everyone knows - the dome of Science World - and lets them play with the light animations in real time.

Boy with interacting with OH! installation in Olympic Village

Teenager interacting with OH! in one of the animation modes — this one sends a wave of colour around the entire dome.

Hands on OH! and controlling the lights on the dome of Science World

In the “sparkle” mode, the lights on Science world mirror exactly where your hands are on the smaller version of the dome.

Group of friends interacting with OH! interactive installation in Olympic Village

This group of friends played with OH! for nearly an hour during a test night, trying out the different possibilities.

Hands with Oh! hashtag stamps

Stamps for OH! and the hashtag for the installation.