Halo at Eyeo 2013

halo at eyeo festival 2013 2013

Last year, for the Eyeo Festival we created a sound and light show with Zygotes. This year, we were invited to run a hackathon lab for attendees. It was the perfect opportunity to show Halo - our media art installation funded by the BC Film + Media Interactive Fund - for the very first time.

Halo's sculptural component is 16' x 8' and features a wall of 72 RGB LED 'Halo' rings. For the festival, it was installed at the Walker Art Center, which also doubled up as the hackathon space.

Before heading to Minneapolis, we made an API for Cortex, our control application for Halo. At three sessions, led by Alex and Baptiste from Tangible, guest developers created light animations using their preferred platforms, including Cinder, Processing, Open Frameworks and Max.

It was great to meet other developer's from across the globe. A chance to catch up with the community, and to get their creative interpretation of Halo.