Merry Kissmas Social Mosa

Ted Baker 5th Avenue #Kissted

If you're a fan of clothing company, Ted Baker, getting into the Christmas spirit got a whole lot easier this year. The popular brand launched a holiday campaign for 2013 called "Merry Kissmas". To help make it happen, they called on Tangible to work with London based Kin Design to create a physical installation at their 5th Avenue, NYC store. Kin conceived the campaign and took care of a giant mistletoe sculpture on the store front. We created a Merry Kissmas themed social media visualizer for the window display.

Based on our Social Mosa application, the visualizer is a more complex, custom version for Ted Baker. As well as branding, we also added windswept snowflakes to the generative animation. #kissted tagged Instagrams and tweets render on falling snowballs and include the poster's avatar and handle.

The visualizer is displayed simultaneously on two 90" LCD screens, installed portrait either side of the store's front door. Customers and passers-by are encouraged to kiss under the mistletoe, take a selfie and post. Brand Ambassadors also snap kissers' photos with tablets in the store. Using our Monitor tool on an iPad, Ted Baker's NYC social media team quickly approve or deny tagged content. Participation statistics are reported after every busy shopping weekend.

The campaign also has a competition element. It all wraps up end of day EST on the 22nd December, so there's a few days left to get into the #kissted spirit.

Check the Making of video below, produced by Kin Design.