2010 Winter Olympic Games

Digital Media Room

a dark lit room with three screens showcasing various animations

For the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, Tangible was asked to curate the Digital Media Room in the BC Pavilion at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Working with CODE LIVE Creative Director, Sara Bailey, we conceived, designed, built and installed three major interactive pieces including a forest of 24 LED Light Columns and a multi projector, 52 feet animated mural.

Centre stage in the room, three interactive, multi touch cubes with 12 screens showcased the ‘making of’ major work from BC based digital, games and special effects companies including Electronic Arts, Rainmaker and Switch Interactive. Content included special effects for movies, District 9 and Invictus as well as video games, A Need For Speed and Tron.

To show the works in a natural, interactive way, we created a number of multi touch applications programmed in Open Frameworks and Cocoa. Community Core Vision from the NUI group (an Open Source blob tracking application) was also used.

More than 5,000 visitors streamed through the BC Pavilion Digital Media Room every day during the 17 days the show was open.

A dark lit room with several screens showcasing various animations

Tangible Interaction's curated Media Room at the BC Pavilion **during the **2010 Winter Olympic Games.

An individual interacting with a digital wall

User interacts with Media Room exhibit at the BC Pavilion during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games