World Ski & Snowboard Festival

Graffiti Battle

graffiti battle

Graffiti Battle pits artists in a live head-to-head digital painting competition. The winner is decided by the audience. To vote, they use a simple web application accessible through a smart phone browser. Move the needle to the left, or right and the collective result is seen in real time on an LCD screen.

Each artist has just five minutes to impress the crowd. The countdown clock stops and which ever way the voting needle rests determines which artist progresses to the next round. Ultimately, the Graffiti Battle champion walks away with bragging rights, the Graffiti Battle trophy and prizes.

The 2014 World Ski and Snowboard Festival in Whistler, BC proved the perfect occasion to showcase Graffiti Battle for the very first time. The event is the biggest annual gathering of winter sports related music, arts and culture in North America, with crowds to match. The festival kicked off with State of the Art (SOTA), a showcase supported by Skullcandy for artists who mix urban and mountain sensibilities.

Graffiti Battle took place at the opening gala with a packed audience keen to support eight pre-selected contenders. After an hour of head-to-head competition, Whistler local, Kris Kupskay came out on top.

Graffiti Battle is available as a brandable experience for events. It's an engaging audience spectacle that's open to crowd participation after the final battle until event end.

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