Osheaga 2013

Social Mosa 360

Social Mosa 360 at Osheaga 2013

During three of the hottest summer days in Montreal, the air-conditioned Igloo Dome was the place to be at the Osheaga 2013 festival. But it wasn't just the cool breeze that attracted the 135,000+ strong crowd to the tent. The line-up was long with festival goers eager to take part in the unique, immersive experience inside too.

The UK's Igloo Vision provided the dome tent, VJs and 360 degree projected video. Ninja Tune's legendary DJ Food even made a guest appearance.

To add a first-time interactive, social element, Tangible created a new iteration of Social Mosa customized specially for the Igloo dome.

Social Mosa 360 was an opportunity for people to see their #Osheaga2013 tagged Instagram photos and videos, as well as Vine clips, in a planetarium style setting. Just as our original version for events does, Social Mosa 360 animated generatively, but this time also rotated on the interior dome wall. To ensure only the good stuff made it to the visualizer, we quickly filtered every hash tagged piece of content before pushing it to the animation.

Hardware included five mapped projectors fed by a multi-output PC. A rock solid Internet connection capable of handling thousands of Instagrams and Vines over three days was also a critical component.

We didn't want those without tickets to miss out on all the Osheaga action, so we also created an online visualizer showing #Osheaga2013 Vine clips. You can see the last thirty two tagged videos right here on the: Vine Wall (best viewed in the Chrome browser).

To book Social Mosa 360 with Igloo for your event or festival, please email us at: info@tangibleinteraction.com