2010 Winter Olympic Games

Voice it Table & LED Chandelier

A modern looking, colourful room with an interactive table in the middle

Working with architectural consultants, Cause+Affect, Tangible conceived, produced and installed a technically complex interactive artwork inside Vancouver House for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

A large touch surface allowed the visiting public to share their views and impressions of the City by typing in comments, which subsequently morphed into digital postcards on the table screen.

Every entry generated a digital ribbon that traveled across the table before lighting up an origami LED chandelier. The chandelier was made up of 101 globes, folded for Tangible by origami master, Joseph Wu. Each globe was lit with an independently controlled light source programmed to create blinking colour combinations.

Visitors were also able to interact with other people’s digital comment cards by simply moving their hands over the table surface, causing them to bump and move over each other. Like the ‘Seed Of Truce‘ artwork, this installation also morphed in size as each new visitor added more content.

A colourful, flat platform with blue and green icons

Tangible Interaction's Voice It Table inside the Vancouver House during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games

A colourful, flat platform with blue and green icons