Graffiti Wall + VR gallery

Explore the VR gallery, check out all the graffiti created on the digital wall throughout the event.

Looking to create a meaningful VR component for our popular Digital Graffiti Wall, we developed the VR gallery to further extend the graffiti experience for guests. With this new add-on, all of the artwork created on the digital wall gets sent into a VR environment in real time so you can walk through a virtual 3D-space and see all of the graffiti pieces created throughout the event.

Just like the Digital Graffiti Wall, everything is brandable. Tangible can provide a stock urban environment, or there is also an option to create a completely customized environment for the particular client. You can even include client logos/images/messaging within the environment so the experience is completely branded.

While adding a compelling layer to the digital graffiti experience, the gallery doesn’t take away from the main focus on the wall itself.


Brand it

The VR gallery is white label. Brand images and messages can be added to the 3D-space.

Multiple VR Headsets

Tangible can provide multiple VR headsets so that several guests can interact with the VR gallery at the same time.

Custom 3D environments

The 3D-environments can be completely customized, including using 3D-renders of actual buildings.

3D web gallery

The VR gallery can live online so that environments and all of the artwork can be viewed after the event has ended.

Zygote client logos

How does it work?

Our team integrates supplied branding materials and artwork into the VR gallery application. Before the event, we send a laptop loaded with the DGW application, an infra red camera (the wall uses IR technology), digital spray cans, an iPad for sharing and any custom components ordered. A Tangible technician is also sent to the event to set-up, help participants during the event, and handle the take-down.

What does the client provide

Tangible provides all the necessary equipment. The client simply provides the artwork for customizing the VR application for the brand.


VR headset for Digital Graffiti Wall Gallery

VR headset lets you explore a virtual environment to check out the art created on the graffiti wall during an event

virtual reality VR environment populated with digital graffiti artwork

Inside the VR environment, all of the artwork created during an event populates the virtual space

virtual reality VR environment populated with digital graffiti artwork

Remote control helps you navigate around the space and find your piece of art

artist working on the VR digital graffiti wall

A street artist interacting with our Graffiti Wall at our studio in Vancouver