Add a whimsical, fun lighting element to your next event.

At some point, everyone has stared up at the sky and wondered what it’s like to walk amongst the clouds. We built Nubo to bring that idea to life.

Nubo is a set of inflatable clouds with LED lights inside that can be used to create a magical, immersive landscape for event spaces. The clouds’ lights can be controlled in real time from a DMX console and be part of a show, react to music, or set to a number of different preset animations and colours.

We initially used Nubo as a public light installation on the street for Beakerhead festival in Calgary. Subsequently, the clouds were used at a number of different indoor events as decor and to help set an interesting mood, including TED Talks in Vancouver in 2016, where people sat around the clouds to share a glass of wine and unwind from the conference.

Because Nubo is inflatable, it’s easy to transport and set up. Perfect for adding a playful element to any event.



Nubo can be used for indoor or outdoor events.


Nubo can be tailored for each event space. 3 or more clouds can be used.

DMX Control Option

Nubo lights can be wirelessly DMX controlled to set mood in a space with light.

Programmalbe LEDs

The LED light inside each cloud emits an even light that fills the cloud. A wide spectrum of colours is available.

Variable Sizes

The clouds are available in 6’L and 8’L sizes. Each cloud is 3’W.

Easy to Transport

The inflatable clouds pack down to a small size and are easy to transport.

Nubo client logos

How does it work?

We send all the equipment necessary for the installation and we’re happy to work with the client’s team to determine the optimal number of clouds depending on the footprint of the event.

What does the client provide?

All we need is access to power if it’s a longer event. For shorter events (1-2 hours), Nubo can be powered by battery.


inflatable sound clouds at Beakerhead festival in Calgary

Nubo set up at Beakerhead festival in downtown Calgary in 2015

inflatable clouds on display for performance during Lamp competition in Vancouver

Nubo, on display during LAMP, an international lighting competition that takes place in Vancouver

inflatable clouds on display at TED’s launch party in Vancouver in 2015

Guests get cozy with our Nubo clouds during TED’s 2015 launch party

inflatable clouds on display at TED’s launch party in Vancouver in 2015

The LEDs in the inflatable clouds reacted to live music at TED’s launch party

inflatable clouds on display at Kit + Ace meditation event

Nubo clouds provided soft lighting for Kit + Ace’s meditation event, Above the Clouds