Social Mosa: Twitter Wall

a screen shot of many social media photos side by side one another

Social Mosa is the perfect social media expression for any event.

Social Mosa collects and displays crowd-sourced tweets in a generative animation which can be shown on just about any venue screen. Think of it as a live-conversation visualizer that encourages guests to send images/messages right as the action happens. Periodically, the images/messages flock into a mosaic, form predetermined taglines and logos and then explode back to life.

Guests post messages, a 'moderator tool' is used to approve the content, and then the application does the rest. The real-time animation can be completely customized for brands/campaigns and displayed live on mulitiple screens. Stylish and on-brand, Social Mosa is a perfect centrepiece for events. Plus, there's the added bonus of the interactive component. It’s a creative way to generate a positive online impression and give guests the opportunity to take part again and again as they post their content for the whole crowd to see.


Brand it

Social Mosa is white label. Backgrounds, logos, fonts and more are customizable to match campaign style and/or theme.

Social Media Echo

Every tweet is seen by participants' social media followers, extending online brand reach.


Social Mosa can be shown on any AV 16:9 display. LED video walls, projection, LCD, and plasma screens are all compatible.


Event guests can tweet from their own 3G or 4G phone: Blackberry, Android, iPhone, or Windows.

Filter Content

The ‘monitor tool’ gives an event moderator the ability to filter every crowd-sourced tweet before they’re shown on venue screens.

Assign Hashtags

Social Mosa knows to show only the tweets that include the specified hashtags.


The Social Mosa application provides numbers on how many people participate and when, providing useful tracking info post-event.

Competition Element

To add a bit more excitement, run a competition at your event with Social Mosa and announce the winning tweet live on-screen.

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How does it work?

Using their own smartphones, event guests tweet with the hashtag created for the event. Social Mosa continuously searches for that content and pulls it down into the ‘monitor tool’ on an iPad connected to the Internet. Once the post is approved, it's immediately rendered as a branded ‘card’ in the on-screen visualizer.
These branded ‘cards’ flock on-screen with fluid animation and display the most recent posts. From time to time, the ‘cards’ mosaic to form text and images. The more guests that participate, the more visually impressive Social Mosa will be.

What does the client provide?

Social Mosa lives on our server. Similar to a website, it runs through an Internet browser (Chrome) on a computer. We brand and provide the links to the ‘visualizer’ and the ‘monitor tool.’ It's not necessary, but there is an option for a Tangible technician on-site. We'll also bring a Mac computer and an iPad. If you prefer to go it alone, we ask clients to provide that equipment as well as the AV and a solid Internet connection at the venue. Social Mosa can be displayed on any screen type: LCD displays, LED videowalls and projection are all great options.


Social Mosa displaying a user photo message at Victoria's Secret
Pink Spring Break 2015 event.

Create an immersive social media experience with fully customizable visualizations.

Social Mosa displaying a text shaped mosaic at Redken Symposium 2015

Engage audiences with branded text and image based mosaics.

Social Mosa displaying a logo shaped mosaic at a Shocktop event

Bring brand logos to life in a big way during events.