Tangible: Pixel Wireless DMX Light

Tangible Interaction

One cube, so many lighting possibilities

Lighting can completely change an environment - the mood, the feel and the vibe. Tangible’s versatile LED cubes are powerful, wirelessly controlled RGBW DMX lights. They are perfect for use inside all different types of inflatables (Tyvek, PVC, TPU and more).

The birth of our custom-designed LED cubes came out of necessity for us. When we designed the Zygote balls back in 2006, we needed a wirelessly controlled omnidirectional light that could fill a ball with colour. This type of light didn’t exist, so we had to invent it. Today, almost 10 years later, this is still not a product that can be bought.

Soon after starting to use our custom made lights, we realized there was a lot more potential for them than just illuminating Zygote balls. So we now offer our tangible cubes for rental as a stand alone wireless system that can be inserted into different props to bring them to life.

Each light cube has 48 watts of power and can run wirelessly for about an hour, longer if connected to a power supply. The cubes are omnidirectional light sources and capable of evenly lighting up orbs or other objects.


LED lights

LED lights can be used in variety of inflatables and props. They have a big impact and an awe-inspiring effect.

Interactive & Controllable

LED light cubes can be programmed to interactive mode (sensing motion and changing colour) or to wireless DMX mode - perfect for creating choreographed moments.

RGBW Lights

RGBW lights can be programmed to match brand/event colours. A wide spectrum of colours is available.

Operating Life

LED cubes are powered by rechargeable batteries with a one-hour operating life.

Omnidirectional Light

The LED light cube emits a bright, even light. Perfect for inflatables.

Customizable Inflatables - Shapes/Sizes

Tangible can make custom inflatables to use with the LED cubes.

Zygote client logos

How does it work?

Depending on the event and the complexity of the setup, Tangible Interaction can simply ship LED light cubes to the client or a trained technician can be sent to assist with the activation.

What does the client provide?

Typically, we ask the client to provide helium/shopvac for inflatables that are launched and a shop vac + rigging materials for inflatables that are hung.



Programmable LED light cube

Set of programmable LED light cubes, custom-built by Tangible

LED lights used inside Marshmallow Clouds at TIFF digiPlaySpace

An example of Tangible’s LED light cubes, used inside the Marshmallow Clouds at TIFF’s digiPlaySpace in 2016

Crowd interacting with led balls

Crowd interacting with our Zygote balls with LED light cubes at Vancouver 125 celebration