Zygotes, only bigger

What's Telophase? It's the final stage of meiosis or mitosis in a cell's cycle. Our version is much simpler and much more fun though: a large, inflatable object that reacts to motion through touch.

With two Tangible Pixels (LED light cubes) inside, Telophase is basically Zygote's big brother. Interactivity is the same. In 'accelerometer' mode, Telophase responds to the crowd when ousted into the air with random displays of RGB coloured light. Lighting directors can control Telophase wirelessly using DMX too. The latest iteration even allows switching back and forth between the two modes on the fly - perfect for creating a choreographed show moment.

If you'd like to mix it up, they also work great with Zygotes, adding a fun, interactive element to any large space. Made from the same fire retardant material, Telophase is certified for use at any venue in any part of the world.

Telophase can be used indoors or outdoors. Like Zygotes, they're prefect for brand promo events, conferences, concerts and festivals. Telophase is an opportunity for the audience to play a role in the show or event, to truly be a part of it. They bring people together in a fun, collective activity and create a shared experience — something that will be remembered long after they've left the venue for home.


Brand it

Logos and/or event themed graphics can be applied - vinyl stickers work best.

Interactive & Controllable

Zygotes can be programmed to interactive mode (sensing motion and changing colour) or to wireless DMX mode - perfect for creating choreographed moments.

Flame Resistant

Zygotes are ICC International Fire Code and NFP certified for use at any venue.

Operating Life

Zygotes are powered by rechargeable batteries with a one-hour operating life.


The Tangible Pixel inside each ball emits a bright, even light that fills the Zygote/Telophase. A wide spectrum of colours is available.

Perfect Size

Zygote/Telophase are 4.5m (15’) in diameter. They have a big impact and an awe-inspiring effect.

Helium Filled

Zygotes are filled with a mixture of helium and air depending on the venue and environmental conditions.

Complex Options

Audio, video, and graphics shown on venue screens can be triggered when audience members interact with Zygote/Telophase. Preset light patterns are also possible.

How does it work?

Tangible Interaction sends a trained technician to inflate, launch and retrieve the Zygotes/Telophase during an event. We ask for a few volunteer stagehands to help with launching and retrieval, since it can be a tall order in a large crowd.

What does the client provide?

Typically, we ask the client to source helium locally to fill the Zygotes/Telophase. Also, a vaccuum is ultra helpful for deflating the balls after the event.



Corwd interacting with led balls

Crowd interacting with our Zygote balls at Vancouver 125 celebration