Digital Graffiti Wall

The Graffiti Wall, as close as you can get to the real thing, only digital.

Tangible's Digital Graffiti Wall is built to look and feel just like real street art. It’s intuitive to use, so anyone can grab one of the digital spray cans and take a turn. It's hi-tech, high impact and engaging -- something that will be remembered, talked about, blogged about and tweeted about for months.

Mixing interactive technology with graffiti techniques (stencils, drips, nozzles), Tangible's Digital Graffiti Wall is the original, invented by the company back in 2007. It's ideal for corporate and opening events, music festivals, trade shows and brand promos.

The Digital Graffiti Wall not only brings people together but also generates a great atmosphere for large events. Whenever someone is creating on the wall, a crowd quickly forms to watch and see how the end result will come together. There’s also an option to have a skilled graffiti artist at your event, turning the activation into an interactive performance piece.


Brand it

The Digital Graffiti Wall is white label. Backgrounds, stencils, stickers, and spray can wraps can all be customized with brand logos and event artwork.

Spray Can Experience

The digital spray can looks and feels just like the real thing. Press the nozzle to select painting widths, drips and opacities. The spray can even makes the familiar “psssh” sound as you paint.

Share Art

Live screen capture and email/social media allow guests to send their art to friends, family, or colleagues direct from the screen.


We provide everything. The standard projection screen is 10’ W x 7’ H and comes with a back covering.

Simple Interface

The interface is a breeze. Press the nozzle to open paint palette options, drag re-sizable stencils, choose backgrounds, and more.

Proven System

We invented the original Digital Graffiti Wall back in 2007. Our big-brand event experience is vast and we're comfortable working in all sorts of settings.

Focal Point

Event guests are drawn to the Digital Graffiti Wall. It provides a focal point for any brand, sporting event, festival, conference, or company get-together.

Performance Art

The Digital Graffiti Wall is a fun experiential group activity, but it also makes for an awesome single-artist performace piece.

Zygote client logos

How does it work?

Our team integrates supplied branding materials and artwork into the Digital Graffiti Wall application. Before the event, we send a laptop loaded with the DGW application, an infra red camera (the wall uses IR technology), digital spray cans, an iPad for sharing and any custom components ordered. A Tangible technician is also sent to the event to set-up, help participants during the event, and handle the take-down.

What does the client provide

Tangible provides all the necessary equipment. The client simply provides the artwork for customizing the application for the brand.


a dark lit group interacting with a digital graffiti wall

A street artist interacting with our Graffiti Wall for Microsoft in Seattle

an individual interacting with a digital graffiti wall

Group of people interacting with our Graffiti Wall

an individual interacting with a digital graffiti wall

Graffiti Wall at Dream force event by Sales Force in Vegas

a photo of a colourful interactive screen with graffiti on it

Our Digital Graffiti Wall used for Green Day's north american tour.

a photo of a colourful interactive screen with graffiti on it

Touch screen Digital Graffiti for Ford Fiesta