Sound Clouds

a night themed city backdrop with glowing origami clouds

After a one year hiatus for the Winter Olympic Games, Illuminate Yaletown returned to Vancouver’s heritage quarter streets for two nights in February 2011.

This year, 21 local artists took part, creating a stunning visual landscape for citizens and visitors to freely explore. Artwork themes ranged from environmental issues to local industrial history through to the obscure.

Tangible responded with a new installation, Sound Clouds. Inspired by the infamous wet, west coast weather, the installation was a positive reaction to the uniformly disliked clouds which bring almost constant winter rain to Vancouver.

The result was a unique playscape – eight, almost translucent faceted structures placed ad hoc in Yaletown Park.

Each Sound Cloud reacted independently with generative coloured light mapped to audio created by Alex Beim, and programmed by Daito Manabe at Rhizomatiks.

The public were invited to wander among the clouds, immersing themselves in the light and sound engine, after dark.

The Sound Clouds contained DMX controlled, diffused ColorBlast LED lights. They were designed with a Tangible custom app and finished in Cinema 4D. The installation was created using Max/MSP.

a dark area with several bright blue paper origami clouds

A picture of Tangible Interaction's Origami style Sound Clouds in Vancouver's Illuminate Yaletown event

a bright green paper origami cloud

Another display of Tangible Interaction's Origami style Sound Cloud.

a bright blue paper origami cloud

A third display of Tangible Interaction's Origami style Sound Cloud.